Businessweek Got Shredded After Polling Its Readers On Which School Had The Most Attractive Females

Three days ago, Bloomberg Businessweek put up a poll and a Tweet asking “Which business school has the most attractive female students?” 

This caused quite a firestorm on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments section of the poll.

The poll, which was part of Businessweek’s social voting game called “Face/Off”, has since been deleted from the website and the Tweet no longer exists

“We regret issuing two online polls last week that asked our readers to comment on which business schools have the most attractive male and female students. The Face/Off polls have been taken down from They were in poor taste and undermine the tremendous value our Business Schools vertical provides,” Bloomberg Businessweek said in an emailed statement. 

The Daily Dot’s Aja Romano, who first reported the news, points out Businessweek has asked people to rank campuses with hot guys and girls before.  

Check out a cached version of the original poll. 

Businessweek poll

Photo: Google Cache

Here’s a taste of what the comments section looked like. 


Photo: Google Cache

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