BusinessWeek's Top Editors Flee After Bloomberg Buyout

BusinessWeek’s editor-in-chief, Stephen Adler is stepping down once the Bloomberg acquisition is complete, according to a memo he sent to the staff yesterday.

Going along with him will be executive editor Ellen Pollock, Keith Kelly at the NY Post reports. Kelly also notes that the top online editor, John Byrne, might be on his way out as well.

Byrne was getting married in San Francisco, and appears to be moving there, leaving people in BusinessWeek flummoxed, according to Kelly. We’ve emailed Byrne for a response.

It makes sense that the top staff at BusinessWeek would be cleared out. While Adler is friendly with his new bosses, we’re sure Bloomberg wants to put its stamp on the magazine, starting at the top of the organisation.

So, who will take over? Your guess is as good as ours, maybe even better, depending on who you are. (Norman Pearlstine, are you reading this?) Jon Friedman threw out some names over at Marketwatch— Eric Pooley, a Bloomberg columnist, formerly of Fortune, Joanne Lipman formerly running Portfolio, Jim Kelly of Time, and Bob Safian of Fast Company.

Whoever gets the job comes into a tough, but exciting spot. They’ll have to chance to rebuild a strong brand, loaded with talented reporters, and a backer in Bloomberg juiced with incredible resources. The trick will be integrating all the parts seamlessly, and fully exploiting the assets of the combined news organisation.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek will be a major force in the business press. It has over a thousand reporters around the world, digging up all kinds of information. If a brilliant editor manages those resources properly it could really dent the current business news leaders–from the Economist to the Journal to the FT.

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