BusinessWeek’s Makeover: More News, Less Lifestyle


Businessweek has undergone an 18-month makeover, and the results will be unveiled Friday, when subscribers get their copies of refreshed magazine. The AP has a sneak peek: There’s a new logo, a more “understated” visual, more news in the front of the book, while opinions are going to the back.

But most interesting is that the magazine is more or less giving up on lifestyle coverage. It will keep a Robert Parker wine column, but that’s about it. The move is a concession to reality: Businessweek has never made much headway in lifestyle coverage and the advertising that accompanies it; neither have its competitors Forbes and Fortune.

That doesn’t mean other business publishers aren’t pursuing the sector: Conde Nast’s Portfolio is seen by many as a lifestyle magazine in a business pub’s clothing, and at her last job, Portfolio editor-in-chief Joanne Lipman helped the Wall Street Journal break into the sector via its “Weekend Journal”.

We wonder if will also cut back on lifestyle coverage, which tends to draw a disproportionate number of eyeballs to online business pubs, but lower cpms than business or technology news.