Businessweek just released a bizarre new cover featuring a dog peeing on the word "Business"

It’s one thing to talk about taking on “big business” and then there’s literally peeing on it.

Bloomberg Businessweek released the cover to its latest edition Thursday morning, and it makes a strong statement about how Americans are thinking about corporations.

The cover features a dog peeing on the word “Business” while five human feet look ready to stomp on the word.

The provocative image is supposed to highlight just how much the current presidential candidates are attacking “Big Business.”

“This is a different kind of election year, full of contempt for Big Business,” starts the story, written by Peter Coy. It goes on to detail how candidates from populists Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to establishment names such as Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio are all proposing policies Coy views as unfriendly to corporations.

Additionally, it lays out the negative sentiment Americans have towards “Big Business” and the issues that corporate lobbyists and CEOs have in combating that image.

The cover is very aggressive, but it got us talking, so that’s something.

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