There are smartly-dressed businessmen in virtual reality goggles everywhere you look at Mobile World Congress

“White Guys Wearin’ Oculus Rifts” is a popular, funny Tumblr blog, created by BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein.

At Mobile World Congress this year we’ve been struck by inspiration for another lol-worthy Tumblr, on a similar vein.

“Businessmen Tryin’ Out Virtual Reality Goggles.” They are everywhere.

South Korean carrier SK Telecom had the best VR-set up of the lot.

The balloon the businessmen were standing in even moved up and down like a theme park ride.

So realistic you can almost feel it.

Just sitting there in his own virtual world.

These guys were hanging out in the 'Innovation City' area.

Serious VR.

Lines upon lines of businessmen checking out VR goggles.

Seriously. There were businessmen trying out VR goggles everywhere.

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