How Brooklyn Businesses REALLY Feel About The Barclays centre

Barclays centre

Photo: Shlomo Sprung

As Brooklyn braces for the long-awaited opening of the $1 billion Barclays centre on September 28, the area around the new arena is quickly changing.New businesses are coming in, rents are going up and many of the old businesses are being forced to close their doors.

While many outsiders view the arena opening as positive, there is a lot of worry among local business owners, who are concerned they may not be able to withstand downtown Brooklyn’s shift from a bustling residential area to a super-busy urban hub with an arena that will draw millions of visitors.

We recently walked around the neighbourhood and spoke with local business owners to see how they’re being impacted by the new arena.

It's right across the street from a big shopping centre. Employees at Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings told us they expect a big bump in business when the arena opens.

Realtor Robert Hebron is looking for someone to move into this prime restaurant spot right near the arena. He is in negotiations with several people, but said there was an overall hesitance to move into the neighbourhood since there was potential for a small lunch crowd and drop-off in business on non-event nights.

The Modell's across the street from the arena hosted the Nets' logo unveiling and is now going through a remodeling in hopes of becoming a go-to shopping destination. They have tons of Nets gear expect a big bump in revenue, a store manager told us.

When we stopped by, this deli on the corner of Dean St. and 6th Avenue was bustling with Barclays centre employees.

Some businesses are excited for September. Others have been driven out of the area.

The Furniture House on on Flatbush Avenue is moving after 21 years because of rent increases.

The iconic Triangle Sports store closed recently after 96 years in business.

This large lot on Flatbush Avenue used to house the Bergen Tile company. It's expected to become a bar or restaurant, according to locals. One local store owner said he heard that a Hooters could be moving in to this location.

These are just a few of the stores that had to close their doors because of the rising rent prices.

Here's another way to cash in ...

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