The inside story at uBiome, disrupting Wall Street from within, and Peloton's prospects

Hollis Johnson / Business InsiderThe microbiome testing company uBiome has come under scrutiny after an FBI raid.


When the three founders of the “microbial-genomics” startup uBiome began collecting human poop, they kept it in an erstwhile storage closet, inside secondhand freezers from a discount-lab-supply website. It was a far cry from a state-of-the-art facility.

So starts Erin Brodwin’s inside story on uBiome, a startup that convinced Silicon Valley it was worth $US600 million before the FBI came knocking. Hers is a great report on how a citizen science project became a clinical-testing company with big-name backers, and the corners some say it cut along the way. You can read the full story here.

Erin’s story is a reminder of the risks when the Silicon Valley tech ethos of “move fast and break things” runs into the healthcare principal of “do no harm.”

She worked on another story, with colleague Shana Lebowitz, on the VC’s ultimate guide to sniffing out risky healthcare startups – and not getting tricked into backing them. Emma Court had a story on the four slides from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends reports that should be a warning for tech companies that want to disrupt healthcare.

And you can read our recent series on how technology is reshaping healthcare here.

Separately, if you missed our IGNITION: Transforming Finance event on Monday, you can catch up on what you missed here. You can also check out a few clips from the event:

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“Unicorns are amazingly deflationary vehicles. They’re deflating rents, they’re deflating driver salaries, they’re deflating all kinds of things.” – Famed short-seller Jim Chanos explains how Silicon Valley unicorns have pushed prices lower.

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