The 25 Business Schools With The Best Value

When choosing a business school, students want to make sure they’re getting the best value for their money.

However, the factors that one student values in a program may not be the same for another. Whether it comes down to return on investment, alumni network, or quality of education, all students are looking for different things.

These varying factors can make it difficult to discern which schools have the best overall value, so got the verdict straight from the students.

On the website, which lets students review graduate programs, more than 70,000 former and currently enrolled graduate students answered the following questions to determine the value of their program: “Overall, how satisfied are you with your graduate program? Did you make the right choice? Would you choose this program again?”

Students then rated their schools on a 10-point scale, and the business schools with the highest rating for “value” were pulled and ranked. Here are the top 25:

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