Who's Going To Buy The Apple Tablet?


Dan Frommer, Deputy Editor, The Business Insider:

Your Questions (8 min):

  • Why should I buy an Apple Tablet if I already have an iPhone and a cheap laptop? What do you think the battery life will be like? How durable will it be? – Karate Kid
  • What’s the most exciting NYC-based startup of this winter? Who has the most interesting business model? – Alaska Miller
  • Is the domain which ends in .mobi worth buying? Are the mobile web sites using it or is it a waste of money? – peter (aka sling)
  • What do you think Apple is planning to do with the boatload of cash reserves it has? It can’t all be for a rainy day fund – can it? – Ben Redbeard
  • Do you or anyone else at SAI play online poker? – GlassHammer
  • What’s the most you’ve been paid to be a Belushi impersonator at parties? – Caroline McCarthy

Produced By: Kamelia Angelova & William Wei

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