Clusterstock: You Ask, We Answer


John Carney, Managing Editor, The Business Insider

Your Questions (4 min):

  • Why Is Voting Not Worthwhile But Playing The Lottery Is? – EconAnalyst
  • In Light Of The Fed’s Commitment To Almost-Zero Interest Rates, Can We Expect Mortgage Rates To Move Down From Here? – MikeD
  • Who Is Your favourite Economist, Living Or Dead, And Why? – bidwhacker
  • Would You Have Thought That It Would Take More Than 12 Months For Business Media To Get Over AIG And Start Cheering For Insurance Companies Making “All-In-Wages”? – tinbox
  • CNBC Or Bloomberg TV? – bidwhacker
  • Whose Beard Do You Like Better- Krugman’s Or Bernanke’s? – “Paul Krugman”
  • Are You Guys At All Honestly Concerned With Helping The Average American Process And Understand What’s Going On Around Them- To Not Get Their Home Foreclosed On Or Go Bankrupt- Or Are You Just Trying To Get As Much Traffic As Possible? – “Matt Damon”
  • What Do You Think Is A Greater Threat To The Country- Werewolves Or The Zombie Apocalypse? – client9

Produced By: Kamelia Angelova & William Wei

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