How 'Project Runway' Contestant-Turned-Entrepreneur Kicked Butt Despite The Recession

Project Runway contestant Diana Eng has turned a tech entrepreneur.

She is juggling a web video show covering gadgets and fashion, an association of young electronics inventors, and a book – Fashion Geek – a  step-by-step guide on re-creating her very own designs, including a hoodie with sewn-in headphones and T-shirts with blinking LED lights.

Diana Eng, Fashion/Tech Designer

  • Applying technological advances in fashion
  • Make a name for yourself in your field of interest
  • Figure out what you represent
  • Recession times are good for startups
  • The importance of networking and bartering

Produced By: Kamelia Angelova & William Wei

Check out Diana Eng’s Fashion Nerd blog and Fairytale Fashion video project.

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