Would Paul Volcker Make A Better Fed Chair Than Bernanke?


Joe Weisenthal, Deputy Editor, The Business Insider

Your Questions (4 min)

  • I just inherited 100K, I am 28, no debt, good job, etc. If you could make one big bet on the market with it, what would it be? – heavy hitter
  • Joe, what are you buying right now? – CNBC
  • As ADIA [Abu Dhabi Investment Authority] is trying to exit the Citi deal, do you expect any more sovereign funds to sell stakes in western corporations to have cash to buy distressed assets in the Middle East and Eastern Europe? – Sir Lorenz
  • Do you think Paul Volcker would make a better Fed Chair than Bernanke? – dcortex
  • Do you have any political philosophy or consistent understanding of the world on the basis of which you reason? Your analysis seems to favour the wealthy and I am wondering why. – SS
  • Should Joe get with Jon Stewart and start a business editorial feature on the Daily Show? – Let’s Get Real

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