Can Steve Jobs Compete Against Millions Of Innovators Hungry After Apple's Profit?


Jay Yarow, Editor, The Business Insider

Your Questions (3 min)

  • In the long haul, can Steve Jobs compete against millions of innovators around the world who are hungry after Apple’s obscene profit? – Roger
  • Handsets will evolve into your go-everywhere/do-everything device; Microsoft has nothing in that arena and the best that it could do in mp3 players has been an embarrassing failure- Zune, coming on the heels of its previous failure, Play For Sure. Has anyone actually ever seen a Zune in the wild? – Jeremy Wa
  • Months and months of speculation by “experts” about a device that doesn’t exist, hasn’t been hinted at by Apple much less confirmed. Do you guys really have nothing better to do than argue the merits and price points of an imaginary device? – Daniel M. Clark
  • Would it have been more impressive if TechCrunch was still involved with the JooJoo? – lilywhite

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