Clusterstock: You Ask, We Answer- 10/29/09


Your questions (8 min):

  • Do You Believe In The Future Dominance Of America? Or Do You Think We Are Kaput?
  • Why Is Government Allowed To Run And Dominate Flood Insurance While There’s Resistance About A Public Option For Health Insurance?
  • Are You A Dog Person?
  • Did You Ever Consider That This Is An OVERSUPPLY Crisis?
  • Does The BLODGE Give Out A Lot Of Good Stock Tips Around The Office?
  • What Is Your View Of Boeing Opting To Build The 787 In South Carolina?
  • What Is The REAL Reason For The Public Option?
  • Isn’t It Fair To Say That The Clusterstock Editors Are Permabears?

Produced By: Kamelia Angelova & William Wei

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