Business modelling For Bootstrappers

One of the limitations of Osterwalder’s canvas for business modelling is that is can get a bit clumsy for lean start-ups that are bootstrapped. 

Ash Maurya is a web-app entrepreneur who offers some helpful insights on how to adapt the Osterwalder model for lean start-ups at his blog:

I do find some of Osterwalder’s blocks a bit too general for a lean startup and specifically my type of business – web apps. For instance, before product/market fit, I need to see more emphasis on Problem/Solution than key partners or a customer relationship model.

Maurya offers his own variation of a business model canvas that he has found better suited for his lean web-app start-ups. Just scroll down toward the end of his post on how he documents his business model hypotheses.

Some of our entrepreneurs at Belmont have found the same limitations with aspects of Osterwalder’s canvas.  I will be sending them to Maurya’s site as an alternative.  Thanks to John Wark for passing this along.

I am in Hilton Head this week for our annual meeting of USASBE.  I look forward to continuing my discussions with other entrepreneurship professors who are developing new approaches to teaching business modelling.  There is a growing group of us with this interest and new tools like Maurya’s will help move our work forward.

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