GREED IS GOOD! Check Out The Best Films Featuring Big Business As The Big Villain

Gordon Gekko


Vampires and aliens are fun, but Hollywood’s favourite villain hits a little closer to home.People are angry at big business bad guys.

(Exhibit A: Occupy Wall Street.)

As Rachel Dodes points out in an excellent piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, Hollywood has a long-standing tradition of portraying business as a villain:

“This may be a nation that likes to see itself as built on free enterprise and self-made pluck, but when it comes to the movies, it gets shady boardrooms, cigar smoke and unadulterated greed.”

The reason? As always, bigger ticket sales.

These movies hit a nerve — whether it’s a revenge fantasy for audiences or an obsession with the lives of the super-rich.  And unlike the real world in these movies the little guy wins and the corporate villain gets caught in the end. 

Everyone loves a fairy tale.  But none more tha Hollywood.

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