21 Tech Gifts We'd REALLY Love To Get This Year

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As editors of SAI, Business Insider’s tech section, we get to play with a lot of cool tech. That can make us jaded, yawning at the new stuff.Something has got to be pretty special to make us want it.

With that in mind, we compiled this list of tech that we’d love to get as gifts.

We bet you’ll find something here that appeals to you, too.

Tour de France ProForm exercise bike

Winter is a bummer for cyclists. Cold winds, icy streets, snow packed trails forces us onto the bike trainer for boring hours pedaling in front of the TV.

The Tour de France exercise bike is the antidote. You draw your imaginary route-anywhere in the world (France, New Zealand ...) and, thanks to Google Maps, the bike downloads a map to the console. The bike actually tilts as you ride up and down hills. --Julie Bort, Enterprise Editor

Price: $1,500

MakerBot 3D printer

I'm not very handy, but I have loads of ideas on cool stuff I'd like to make. A 3D printer would solve my problem and I'd be the first kid on my block to have one. --Julie Bort, Enterprise Editor

Price: $2,200

Microsoft Xbox with Kinect

We've got a collection of old gaming consoles in this house, including a Wii, so I have steadfastly refused to buy another system. But I'm really secretly dying for an Xbox Kinect. I'd secretly play Dance Central 3 on it, too. --Julie Bort, Enterprise Editor

Price: $249.99 (Xbox 360 4 GB with Kinect Holiday Bundle)

Zeal iON HD Camera Snow Goggles

Goodbye, awkward helmet cam. Hello, goggles with a camera built in. Zeal's ski goggles have a high-end, anti-fog lens and can shoot 1080p, HD-quality video with a 170-degree wide angle camera lens, or take 8-megapixel snapshots. --Julie Bort, Enterprise Editor

Price: $399

A Square gift card for my personal trainer

Like a lot of people, I have an envelope full of unused gift cards. (I couldn't even tell you where the Pier 1 Imports is in San Francisco.) The truth is, I don't really want more stuff. What I'd really dig is the chance to see my personal trainer more frequently. Because he takes Square, that means I can ask my parents for a gift card that they'll know I'll use--and that's good for me, too. --Owen Thomas, West Coast Editor

Price: varies

iPad Mini

Did I say I didn't want more stuff? Well, let me rephrase that. I've been testing a Google Nexus 7 tablet for the past few months. I like the size but hate the cheap materials and crash-prone software. Sorry, Google: All you did was whet my appetite for a better tablet in that form factor. That's the iPad Mini. I'm pulling out some Apple cards from my gift-card envelope to get one. --Owen Thomas, West Coast Editor

Price: $329

Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L

I don't need another monthly bill. And most of the time, I'm in range of a Wi-Fi network. For those occasions when I'm not, it's nice to have backup. Which is why I'm glad Verizon now offers prepaid plans for its Jetpack mobile hotspot. --Owen Thomas, West Coast Editor

Price: $169, plus prepaid plan ($15/wk. or $60-$90/mo.)

Halo 4

Halo 4 is the latest game in Microsoft's iconic first-person shooter series. I recently got back into gaming after a four-year hiatus, so I can't wait to play this one. (But I need to beat the Mass Effect series first.) -- Steve Kovach, Tools Editor

Price: $39.99

Amazon gift cards

I joined Amazon Prime this year, so I buy everything there now. I mean, everything. Toilet paper. Hand soap. Measuring cups. A crock pot. The list goes on.

Amazon Prime costs $79 per year and gives you free two-day shipping on a wide variety of items. I almost never go to the store anymore. Plus, I love access to Amazon Instant video, which lets me stream the West Wing and other great TV shows and movies to my Xbox and iPad.

Some extra Amazon cash would really help. -- Steve Kovach, Tools Editor

An SLR mount for my iPhone 5

I used to have a DSLR, but then it was stolen.

Since then, I've taken all my photos with an iPhone 4 and now an iPhone 5.

This works great, because these days the point of taking photos is to…

…put them on Instagram

…put them on Facebook

…or use them for wallpaper on my iPhone

I miss being able to take the kinds of shots you can take with a fancy SLR lens though.

So I'd like a something that lets me mount one to my iPhone.

Even if it costs $250.

Don't look at me like I'm weird.

-- Nicholas Carlson, Deputy Editor, Business Insider

Ping G20 Hybrid

If there's a tech company in golf, it's Ping.

It's as unorthodox as Apple was in its early days, and as obsessed with making user-friendly, insanely great tools.

(It's a little less obsessed with how they look. Ugly is OK for Ping, not Apple.)

I've got Pings 4i through PW.

Right now my only alternative to the 1W off the tee is my 4i or 5i, because I can't hit a 3W much better than the 1W.

Maybe a 17 degree Ping G20 Hybrid will help me hit it 200 down the middle?


Still want one! -- Nicholas Carlson, Deputy Editor, Business Insider

Price: $140.

Zeo Sleep Manager Pro

Sleep is very important to me, unfortunately I never get enough and always wake up tired. One of my friends told me about the Zeo Sleep manager Pro, which is a combination app and headband. You wear the headband while sleeping and it analyses exactly when you've entered into REM, light, and deep sleep and even when you're woken up.

The Zeo is much better than apps that claim to do the same thing and you don't have to leave your phone on all night either. -- Kevin Smith, SAI: Tools

Price: $99

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens

I recently purchased a Canon DSLR, I already have two lenses but am already addicted and I want more, more, more.

The 50mm lens is fast and inexpensive allowing me to take even sharper pictures. -- Kevin Smith, SAI: Tools

Price: about $100

Apple TV

I gave up cable months ago and haven't missed it one bit. Now I'd like to double down on this by making use of an Apple TV for Netflix and Hulu+, as well as mirroring my MacBook Air's desktop. -- Dylan Love, SAI: Tools

Price: $99

Kindle books

I'm a late adopter to e-books. I used to be really sceptical of them, but now I can't get enough. I never want to touch paper again. -- Dylan Love, SAI: Tools

Spotify subscription

There was time in my life -- a much hipper, younger time -- when I listened to a lot of music. I would buy CDs three at a time. I've since moved onto podcasts. Occasionally I want to listen the new music of the world, but but not so often that I want to pay a monthly subscription fee for Spotify.

If someone wanted to give me a free subscription as a gift, that would be ideal. -- Jay Yarow, SAI Senior Editor

$5/month or $10/month.

A bundle of iPhone cases

I smashed my iPhone 5. And now I am in search of the perfect iPhone 5 case. I've been trying a bunch on for size and none have really made me happy yet. I'll continue the hunt, but if I was handed a bunch of iPhone cases to test out, I wouldn't be terribly upset. -- Jay Yarow, SAI Senior Editor


I like the idea of measuring how much I walk. I tested a Nike Fuelband but wasn't that into it. I hear the FitBit is quite good. -- Jay Yarow, SAI Senior Editor

Price: $130

I could probably use a new bike

I ride my bike to work every day. The bike I have is a bit beat up. I wouldn't be opposed to a new bike, like this folder from Dahon. But, if I really got a new bike I'd probably want to do some more research.
$799-- Jay Yarow, SAI Senior Editor

A Wii U

My video game career began with Duck Hunt on the original Ninendo console. I graduated to the new Wii Zelda last year.

So of course I'd kill to have the Wii U under my tree this year. The controller that turns into a transportable game looks amazing. -- Alyson Shontell

Price: $470

The iPhone 5

I have the 4S, but it's always fun to get an upgrade. -- Alyson Shontell

Price: $200

And these are the things we're glad we have ...

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