BUSINESS INSIDER REVEALS: 19 Apps We Can't Live Without

Having a helpful app on your phone can go a long way. But with thousands of apps available for both iOS and Android, it can be tough to know which are worth downloading.

Here at Business Insider, we use apps everyday, whether it’s for getting our work done, staying up-to-date on the news, or making the most of our precious downtime.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourites here.

Dark Sky has amazingly accurate up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.

Available on iOS, $US3.99

'Easily the best app to dodge the rain. You know how much rain and for how long. It's never failed me and each time I bring it out, people always download it. ' - Sam Rega, Video Editor

'Super helpful, especially in NYC when you're out walking around all the time.' - Pamela Engel, Reporter

Skitch makes it easy to mark up photos with text, arrows, and other shapes.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'I love this app. I use it to draw attention to things in photos that folks might not notice. It helps photos stand out in your social feeds if only because there is some graph element on the photo.' - Daniel McMahon, Copy Chief

With Venmo, you can make payments with just the touch of a button.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'My boyfriend and I Venmo each other to share rent, utilities, groceries, and other household expenses, and I use it all the time when I go out to dinner or drinks with friends.' - Melissa Stanger, Associate Editor, Lists & Rankings

'I never carry more than $US20 anymore, so this is super helpful when going out with friends and having to split a bill.' - Rebecca Borison, Tech Intern

Litely gives your photos a more subtly filtered look.

Available on iOS, Free

'I love Litely, which is the best app for mimicking analogue film colour and contrast that I've found. It really improves the images, but in more subtle ways, without giving it that Instagram filter or VSCO Cam look.' - Christian Storm, Visual Features Editor

Waze is a real-time navigation app that uses tips from other users to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'When I had a car, I swore by the Waze crowd-sourced GPS app. Live updates as users update traffic and report accidents and where cops are hiding on the highways.' - Brett Arnold, Entertainment Intern

HopStop will make sure you don't get lost on public transit.

Available on iOS, Free

'It automatically loads my current location (with the appropriate permission, of course), and all I do is put in my destination and it gives me the best way to get there via train, bus, walking or driving. I grew up in Brooklyn and know the trains very well, but I still use it ... It even considers changes in service and any delays. Without it I may choose a different, less efficient, and more frustrating route.' - Dana Herstein, Senior Manager for Enterprise, BI Intelligence

Shout is a real-time classifieds app.

Available on iOS, Free

'Shout is exactly what millennials wish that Craigslist was ... You can sell or request pretty much anything right on your phone, including things like impossible-to-get restaurant reservations or tickets to Burning Man. And unlike Craigslist, you don't have to worry about some sketchy random person maybe paying you because all users are publicly rated.' - Elena Holodny, Markets Intern

TripAdvisor has millions of reviews, photos, and tips from fellow travellers.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'It's my go-to app when I'm travelling and looking for the best hotels and restaurants in the area. It's not always perfect, but I find that the crowd-sourced recommendations are usually spot on.' - Jennifer Polland, Senior Editor, Lists & Travel

EasyEyes filters the screen on your phone so you don't strain your eyes.

Available on Android, Free

'This is like f.lux on the computer -- it cuts out the blue light from your phone screen. I always turn it on when using my phone at night, so staring at the screen is less likely to keep you awake.' - Lauren Friedman, Health Reporter

TurboScan turns your smartphone into a scanner.

Available on iOS and Android, $US2.99

'It helps me keep good records, sign and send agreements without having to be tied to a scanner, and generally stay paperless.' - Rich Kennedy, SVP, Business and Audience Development

Seed Mail helps you send and receive emails more productively while on the go.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'To begin with, it's very clean and orderly -- you can hook up all of your various email accounts and easily label them -- but it also displays your contacts and calendars so you can easily see those details without having to leave the app. Also, if you open or download any attachments, there's a separate tab within the app so you can see them all in one place. It's all very convenient: a one-stop shop for mail, contacts, events, and attachments.' - Dave Smith, Senior Tech Editor

Relax Melodies will help you get some shut-eye.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'I often have trouble falling asleep, and this app is my saviour . You can mix-and-match your own ambient and relaxing sounds and set a sleep-timer. It's also one of the only apps I've come across with binaural tones, which are sound frequencies that can either help you relax or focus. I even recommended it to my dad.' - Christina Sterbenz, Reporter

OpenTable helps you make dinner reservations with ease.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'I love dining out, but I often wind up making plans on the fly. OpenTable's app is simple to use and lets you find tables by neighbourhood and cuisine. Plus users earn points when they check into a restaurant where they have an OpenTable reservation, which can be exchanged for gift certificates.' - Julie Zeveloff, Deputy Editor

Music Off shuts your music down after you fall asleep.

Available on Android, Free

'I like to listen to podcasts while I'm falling asleep, and I'll set this for 20-30 minutes so that the podcast doesn't play all night or wake me up after I've fallen asleep. It works with any app that you use on your phone to turn anything that's playing off after a set time.' - Sydney Kramer, Operations Manager

Refresh gathers information to prepare you for your next meeting.

Available on iOS, Free

'Rounds up information on people you're meeting with, including past communication and social media profiles. It's great for quick prep before a phoner or source meeting.' - Keith Griffin, BI Intelligence Reporter

The official TED app has a constantly updated archive of TED Talks.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'The TED app allows me to watch fascinating TED Talks on the go about intriguing discussions led by experts, celebrities, and professors. I love the 'Surprise Me' tab that guides you to undiscovered talks.' - Molly Tilton, Sales Development

Pocket helps you catch up on your reading after a long day at work.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'I usually don't have time to read all the articles that I see at work that look interesting, so I just save them to Pocket and read them when I have time, like when I'm commuting.' - Michael Kingfield, VP, Business Development and Legal Affairs

'I use it everyday to read stories and mark videos to watch for later. All of your stories go into a single feed and are converted to an easy to read, no-frills format. And the best part is you can read offline while on the subway!' - Justin Gmoser, Associate Video Producer

Headspace helps you learn to meditate daily.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'Every day there's a new 20-minute audio recording that addresses a certain theme, and each one builds on the last. They're split up into different series, and you can track how many sessions you have to go until the next series starts. The ways it keeps you motivated are really handy, and I've felt calmer and more focused I started using it.' - Hayley Hudson, Associate Contributors Editor

Scoutmob has the inside scoop on the best local businesses in your area -- plus the restaurants that are offering discounts.

Available on iOS and Android, Free

'If you live in a city you need to download it, because it compiles deals of up to 50% off for tons and tons of restaurants.' - Jillian D'Onfro, Tech Reporter

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