It's looking less and less likely we'll get a vaccine by the election

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We’ve made it to Wednesday! How’s everyone holding up?

Some news out of Sweden: Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna have won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work in developing the gene-editing technology CRISPR!As a young science reporter, CRISPR was one of the first new(er) discoveries that I got thoroughly obsessed with. Last year,Erin Brodwin had a good conversation with Doudna that I’ll be revisiting today.

And in presidential updates, President Donald Trump’s doctor said Tuesday that Trump reported “no symptoms” from his coronavirus infection. Stimulus talks are also up in the air.

Elsewhere in healthcare news: It’s looking unlikely we’ll have an approved vaccine before the election, Clover Health’s ambitious growth plans rely on a new program, and the story of how Buoy Health got its first investors despite its founder’s home burning down weeks earlier.

Moncef Slaoui vaccine coroanvirus Trump White House May 15 Rose Garden Operation Warp SpeedAP Photo/Alex BrandonDr Moncef Slaoui speaks at a White House press conference on May 15, 2020, announcing a program to rapidly develop a coronavirus vaccine.

Trump’s coronavirus vaccine czar is backing the FDA on safety standards that make a vaccine approval unlikely if not impossible before the election

Read the full story from Andrew Dunn here>>

Andrew Toy Clover HealthClover HealthClover Health president and chief technology officer Andrew Toy

Clover Health laid out ambitious growth plans as part of its $US3.7 billion deal, but they rely on an untested new Medicare experiment

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Andrew LeBuoy Health

How the 33-year-old founder of Buoy Health raised his first investment wearing a T-shirt and jeans after his home burned down

Read the full story from Kimberly Leonard here>>

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