Here are the best stories in news, politics, and defence at Business Insider this week

News item after news item dominated the week, from the death of Roger Ailes to the revelation that Trump asked FBI director James Comey to end his Russia investigation.

Here’s the rundown of what happened:

Natasha Bertrand covered the consequences of Trump sharing highly classified information with Russia. National security experts told her Trump may have “breached his oath of office” while statements from McCain and HR McMaster deepened the intrigue.

She then explained why Trump’s decision matters and followed an interesting development about the information’s source.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced on Wednesday that he would appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Trump-Russia investigation.

Former intelligence officials and national security experts told Sonam Sheth that Trump may have “gone from the frying pan into the fryer” and legal experts told Natasha that it might be time for Trump to lawyer up. Meanwhile, Sonam answered the question on everyone’s lips: How would an impeachment play out?

Mark Abadi noticed weeks ago that the Trump administration has a spelling problem, so he connected with pollsters to get them to find out how it could be affecting his image with the public. The verdict: not good.

Jeremy Berke talked with an unlikely activist for a revamp in marijuana policies — former Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Eugene Monroe, who wants the NFL to let players treat their injuries with medical marijuana instead opioid painkillers.

Veronika Bondarenko found a church that is helping undocumented immigrants elude the current immigration crackdown and make their way to Canada.

Allan Smith had a detailed story on Trump’s trade agenda, explaining how competing factions could shape trade policy. He also pulled together reactions to the series of bombshells Trump has faced in the past week, taking a look at how the Republican wall around Trump is starting to crack.

Max Tani detailed the story that was blowing up in the conservative media universe early this week — the allegation that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks before his death. He talked to a representative for the family, who said there’s a “special place in hell” for people who tried to politicize Rich’s death. Max also broke the news about Gizmodo’s president leaving the company amid turmoil that has followed its acquisition by Univision.

Eliza Relman interviewed Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland and came out with two stories — one on her instructing federal officials to come up with some “creative solutions” on North Korea, and another on her discussing her reported ouster from the National Security Council.

Pamela Engel took an in-depth look at the Palmer Report, a left-leaning website with a mysterious founder that has been gaining influence among prominent anti-Trumpers lately.

Alex Lockie continued to detail the ins and outs of the F-35 stealth fighter. A former pilot gave him the details on why counter-stealth systems are no match for the aircraft.

Alex also laid out the “combat swimmer stroke” that Navy SEALs use to swim for miles without getting tired. Hundreds of thousands of people were quite interested.

Chris Woody explained efforts by the US and Mexico to fight against heroin.

Daniel Brown teamed up with Skye Gould to put together this awesome feature on US military deployments to “hotspots” around the world. Daniel taken on a beat focused on the Russian military, and his latest on “hybrid war” was a great start.

Paul Szoldra broke the news of the US Army quietly pulling a recruiting ad after they learned it featured a soldier who was convicted of rape that was later picked up by the Army Times, the Daily Mail, and others.

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