Take A Look At The Phony Business Insider Windows Phone App We Didn't Even Make

business insider fake windows phone app

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

A funny thing happened today when we were playing with the new Samsung Focus S Windows phone we’re reviewing this week.We found a Business Insider app in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

But here’s the thing: Business Insider has never made a Windows Phone app.

After some digging, we discovered the “Business Insider Newsreader” app was made by a third party developer called 7APPLABS.

We’re not sure who they are, but they did a pretty good job scraping Business Insider’s logo, stories, and running ads against it.

Anyway, we thought it’d be fun to take a quick tour of the app before these bottom feeders have to take it down. Check it out!

Does that logo look familiar?

Here's the bootup screen. 7APPSLABS even stole Business Insider's signature green theme. But what's that tiny text at the bottom say?

Oh! It's a disclaimer. We're not sure this one will hold up though.

You can also access other verticals from this popup menu at the bottom.

Wow! They even managed to resurrect Business Insider's dead Travel vertical. It hasn't been on the site in months.

All the subverticals, like SAI: Tools, are there too.

Here's the SAI page. All stories are ripped from Business Insider's RSS feed.

This is what it looks like when you read an article. If you want, you can save it to read later.

Here's the Saved Articles page. You can pin your favourites here to read later.

Huh? What's that? An ad? What happens when you click on it?

...You get this. Not sure what it is, but they're sponsoring a phony app.

So what are people saying about the app in the Windows Phone Marketplace?

Reviews are mixed. We'll give it one star.

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