Business Insider Readers Expect An iPad Blowout

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Apple will report earnings after the bell this afternoon and one of the key numbers everyone will be looking at is how many iPads Apple shipped last quarter.(Click here for live coverage. Click here for our preview.)

The Street consensus is 6.2 million iPads, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, whose own estimate is 5.5 million.

But Business Insider readers have higher expectations.

Of the 177 people who participated in our informal iPad sales poll today:

  • 71% think Apple will report 6 million or more iPad shipments
  • 47% think Apple will report 7 million or more
  • 17% think Apple will report 8 million or more
  • 29% think Apple will report fewer than 6 million
  • 15% think Apple will report fewer than 5 million

Click here to flip through the numbers you need to know for Apple’s earnings report →

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