FINALLY: The Business Insider Office Tour

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Since the day we started publishing office tours, readers have demanded that we do one of our own offices. And so now we have!

When you enter the office you are greeted by one of our very own Business Insider interns. Today it is Jhaneel Lockhart, writing for Careers.

Of course we have a big logo up front.

And a waiting area.

Like any good start up we have a ping pong table, it is in our kitchen/hangout area.

Photos from our office in our office. And we have a chess tournament going on right now.

Reading material for financial journalists.

But even the simplest systems need explanation.

We are very word focused and our fridge is covered in them.

We keep it pretty well stocked.

With plenty of snacks nearby.

These M&Ms won't be here much longer though as we shift over to a healthier snack mix.

Here is the BI news room.

Private rooms for calls.

Different verticals sit in sections, here is the team behind War Room, The Front Page and our Features section.

Matching shirts! Robert Johnson (left) heads up our defence Vertical as well as producing long form, investigative reports. Kim Bhasin (right) works on War Room and is an expert on all things business strategy...and fast food.

Bhasin has this awesome bobble head on his desk.

Nearby sits this jar. It is supposed to get a dollar every time a writer misses a spell check word but as you can see it isn't strictly enforced.

One of our TV monitoring stations.

The Life, Editor Julie Zeveloff (centre), with reporters Meredith Galante (left) and Travis Okulski (right).

Okulski has a captain's hat on his desk. He writes about ships and planes and cars so it seems fitting.

Our Politics team with Grace Wyler at front right and Brett LoGiurato next to her.

The BI Financial team. And another set of matching shirts, Joe Weisenthal (second row, left) and Julia La Roche (second row, right) facing Sam Ro (first row, left) and Mamta Badkar (first row, right).

This is where our Bloomberg terminal resides. Weisenthal is a big fan.

Here you can see the length of the office from back to front.

The kind of view Business Insider President and COO Julie Hansen might get when she isn't so busy working.

Sarah Seehafer (left) who is our office manager and takes care of the many things needed to make sure the office runs smoothly (an almost impossible task which she does masterfully) and Managing Editor Jessica Liebman who handles much of the editorial staff management.

Around the newsroom are offices for different departments. Here is the Marketing team, starting front right and going clockwise, Jennifer Mu, Chris Wong, and Emilee Alexander.

We are intrigued by the rock, but its owner can't be found.

Around the corner is the BI Events team, the folks behind our Ignition, Social Commerce, and other interesting and fun events and seminars. Starting front centre and moving clockwise, Valerie Reimer, Megan Knapp, and Arden Pennell.

You might recognise Arden Pennell who is often the MC at these events.

Aside from having an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the start up scene and community she is an avid meditator. She spends 45 minutes each morning meditating and she find this helps her stay focused and in the moment throughout the day.

Next door is Breton Fischetti in Business Development.

He keeps this printout of Andrew Jackson, his favourite President on the wall. Jackson is his favourite because he is the only president who oversaw a period of no national debt and helped establish the primacy of the presidency.

BI's contributor team. They handle the myriad relationships we have with different authors and publications. Front and centre is Theodore Ritz, with Yepoka Yeebo (back left) and Lauren Brown (back right)

They also have this awesome view.

Yepoka Yeebo is Assistant Editor for Contributors, but here she is working on a post about racism in old advertisements.

Originally from the UK, she has these British treats, courtesy of her Editor Lauren Brown who didn't want her to get homesick.

And here is the team that allows you to read BI, our tech wizards!

They are artists too and have designed the Vikings you see around the comments section. Gabrien Symons helped create them.

Outside the office is humming.

Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief Henry Blodget. It's the afternoon, so he's sitting. In the morning, he stands. (Some exercise regime). Sometimes he stands on a balance board. Sometimes he falls off it.

An angry bird catches our eye.

Property of Matt Lynley, a reporter in SAI.

He heads out to the front through this back hallway.

En route we pass the BI green screen and audio room.

And reach our destination, the conference room. We keep things organised with this scheduling system.

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