Business Insider is hiring a paid intern who loves to write about science

Business Insider’s science team is looking for a paid editorial intern to join us this Fall.

Interns at Business Insider aren’t sent on coffee runs, or forced to spend their days filing or making copies.

Our interns are an integral part of our team. Many of our current writers and editors started as interns. On the science team, three of our current reporters have worked at BI as interns.

BI Interns spend their time doing meaningful work: researching, writing, pitching, and producing features — even breaking news if the timing’s right. We want people who can find their own stories, pitch them, and write quickly, cleanly, and intelligently. We will have you producing as much as you possibly can in no time.

Our style is smart, conversational, exciting and geared toward non-scientists. Having an attention to detail and being efficient in a quick-turnaround environment are both skills required for this job. We also prize agility in and enthusiasm for tackling wildly different topics

Our aim is to help readers appreciate, understand, and use the innovations that surround us while still staying optimistic and solutions-oriented when possible. Though we still love a good debunking.

This position is at our Flatiron headquarters in New York City. Internships run for 6 months, and interns are encouraged to work up to 40 hours a week.

Consider applying if:

  • You have excellent writing and copy editing skills.
  • You can decrypt complex or esoteric developments and make science exciting for a general audience.
  • You generate more story ideas than you know what to do with, and find yourself writing day-two stories for the web on day one.
  • You can bring unique context to trending news and make those stories your own.
  • Multitasking is your middle name, and you thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative setting.
  • You’re interminably wowed by human ingenuity and obsessed with the future.

After-hours duties may also include helping retain our Science Friday trivia champion title over rival publications.

Apply here with a resume, clips, and a cover letter telling us what excites you about science reporting.

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