Business Insider Is Going On An Election Road Trip

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Australia goes to the polls next Saturday for what, at this stage, looks set to be a change-of-government election.

Business Insider road tripThe planned route

For the next five days Business Insider reporter Ben Collins will be travelling between the electorates of leaders of the two main parties, from Tony Abbott’s electorate of Warringah in Sydney to Kevin Rudd’s electorate of Griffith in Brisbane.

Along the way, we’ll be talking to voters and business leaders about their concerns and voting intentions, and what they want to see out of the next government.

Today Collins is on the way to Tamworth, in the regional NSW electorate of New England, where the Nationals’ Barnaby Joyce is running and expected to win the seat held by Independent Tony Windsor since 2001. Windsor has been one of the independents supporting the minority Labor government since 2010.

After Tamworth, the plan is to visit Grantham in rural Queensland. You may remember it as one of the towns devastated by the Queensland floods of early 2011, the most significant national event in the life of this parliament. The town is in the process of relocating to higher ground to avoid a repeat of that tragedy.

There’s a huge mixture of industries and issues on this route, from the corporate businesses in the state capitals to the issues facing farmers in regional Australia, and the challenges that small and medium-size businesses grapple with everywhere. Then there are the concerns of schools, hospitals, infrastructure and community services provided and supported by government. In Grantham, there’s a town literally rebuilding itself.

We’ll be looking into the experience voters in these very different parts of Australia have had with government over recent years, and seeking their opinions on what they think should change.

There’ll be updates from the road a few times a day here on Business Insider, providing a snapshot of what’s on the minds of voters in some of the electorates that will be central to the shape of the next parliament, and the government.

It should also capture the viewpoints of at least some voters whose concerns are not being addressed in the campaign themes of the major parties.

Contact us using the links on the right if you’ve suggestions for points to stop along the way, or maybe even just to flag a great place to stop for a parma.

You can follow Ben Collins on Twitter at @bencollinsBI.

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