PHOTOS: We Couldn't Wait For IGNITION To Begin So We Threw A Rooftop Cocktail Party

Photo: Business Insider, William Wei

We couldn’t wait for our third annual IGNITION: Future of Digital conference to begin, so we threw a rooftop cocktail party to hold us over until November 27.With a ton of help and support from location software company Yext, this rooftop summer party on top of the McKittrick Hotel featured an open bar and characters from the acclaimed interactive play “Sleep No More.”

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to cool, this was one hell of a way to bid farewell to the summer.

Big thanks to the folks at Yext, who made this rooftop shindig possible. Now let's get this party started...

... with some refreshing 'Yext Lemonade' made of vodka, fresh lemonade, mint, and citrus scrub

Buddy Media's Mike Lazerow decides to skip the lemonade...

... but not Yahoo's Nicole Slavitt. She goes straight for one

Sean MacIsaac and Brian Distelburger of Yext do their best to not squint with the sun in their eyes

Linda Gridley and Simulmedia founder Dave Morgan grab hors d'oeuvres...

... while our very own Lara O'Brien laughs as James Rowbotham of Marcum Search is caught on camera mid-bite

Here's Chris Grosso and Jay Kirsch of AOL looking suave

The Blaze's Betsy Morgan and Tom Phillips of Media6Degrees pose for the cameras as well

Here's Wendi Sturgis of Yext telling everyone to party...

... and to raise the roof?

Hanging out on the railroad tracks was the cool thing to do at the party...

... as was cramming into the photo booth

Arden Pennell shows off some photos she just took alongside Dean Prissman and Spencer Wang of Credit Suisse

Brian Distelburger of Yext, Randy Brandoff of NetJets, and Barry Silbert of SecondMarket settled for a regular photo instead of cramming into the photo booth

Just because it's a rooftop party doesn't mean you can't network a little

Colleen Sherry of Macy's hangs out with Jenny Kelley, Collin McCarthy, and Daphne Earp of Yext

The vegetation of the McKittrick Hotel rooftop serves as a point of discussion

Here's the LexisNexis crew: Stephen Smith, Neha Gureja, and Denise Wheeless

This character from 'Sleep No More' is really good at keeping a straight face

As last call approaches, the bar's still packed with partygoers...

... better grab one last Yext Lemonade to cap off the night

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