Business Insider is hiring a DevOps Engineer

Are you passionate about working with Unix/Linux systems? Do you have the skills to take on and conquer any problem before you, big or small? Do the acronyms AWS, GCP, CI/CD, CDN fill you with excitement? Do you understand that DevOps isn’t a skill, but a culture? Does the idea of building scalable, fault tolerant cloud based web clusters help you achieve Zen? Does an unmonitored metric make you shudder? How fast could you reprovision your entire stack if your data center melted in a fire?

Business Insider is the most popular business news site in America. We also run several other popular sites such as Tech Insider; as well as BI Intelligence, a premium subscription service for industry professionals. With a global family of sites across Europe and Asia, we are quickly closing in on a billion page views per month. We offer a great work environment, great benefits, a collaborative team that has a lot of fun, and the opportunity to make a contribution on day one.

As one of our DevOps Engineers, you’ll be tasked with building and supporting scalable, secure, resilient infrastructure in AWS and other cloud providers.

  • You have built or supported resilient cloud applications at scale
  • You will learn and excel in many emerging technologies in the land of systems and CI/CD such as Docker, Jenkins, Varnish VCL, CDNs, and code effectively in programming languages such as Bash, Python, Ruby, Go, etc.
  • You are familiar with automation, configuration management and monitoring tools, concepts, and principles.
  • Your finesse at providing high quality platforms for our development and QA teams to think, build, test and deploy their code will only be exceeded by your skills at creating reliable infrastructure to serve the millions of daily readers.
  • You will join a passionate team that operates as the nucleus of a fast paced Development organisation.

You will be an invaluable resource for our tech teams, our writers and editors, and the readership of the largest business new site in the world, providing awesome infrastructure, purposeful metrics, and actionable alerts to ensure we run a great site and have great lives outside of work. You’ll be working with other DevOps Engineers together with a generative team ethic and a focus on success as a team and for each other.

Please apply right away and tell us why you’re a good fit for the role.

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