Here's Business Insider's Greek Election HQ

ATHENS, GREECE — The first wave of Greek exit polls will be out in just under 90 minutes.

In the meantime, we’re hanging out here at the Zappeion Conference & Exhibition centre, where the Greek government has kindly set up a huge room full of TVs and internet networks for foreign reporters.

We’ll be here through the first wave of polls. We can tell you that Greek insiders are already chewing over the results, and that it could be a long night (or it might not be).


Photo: Business Insider

As you can see there’s a big screen up at the front, and actually there are 9 TVs showing different networks like CNN International, France 24, EuroNews, and the Greek network SKAI.

I have a pair of headphones on, and a remote control so I can switch the audio from one TV to another.

Joe Weisenthal

Photo: Business Insider

Stay tuned HERE for live results starting at 12:00 PM ET.

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