Business Insider Just Moved To An Awesome New Office -- Come On In And Meet The Team!

After nearly three years in our old office space, Business Insider’s growing team moved into its new world headquarters on Fifth Avenue last week.

Since we’ve given our readers a peek inside so many other neat office spaces, we thought we would give you a glimpse inside our home. Keep reading to meet some of the team and see where we work.


Welcome to our new building! We're on Fifth Avenue, right in the heart of the Flatiron District.

Our neighbours include TechMedia Network and Capitol Music Group, along with a bunch of other record labels.

The main lobby is pretty swanky, with nods to many of our neighbours' hit records.

Come on in!

We have a sunny new lobby, and a friendly face at the front desk.

Our 75-person editorial team sits in a giant newsroom, organised by vertical.

Let's meet some of the team. Deputy Editor Gus Lubin and reporter Pam Engel confer on a story.

Our finance and markets teams sit nearby.

Deputy Editor Sam Ro has a sophisticated setup with two computer screens, a Bloomberg Terminal, the TV remote, and plenty of caffeine.

Politics editor Hunter Walker opted for a standing desk. His reggae cell phone ring has become the office's de facto theme song.

CEO and Editor-in-Chief Henry Blodget has a standing desk, too, right in the middle of the newsroom.

Senior News Editor Erin Fuchs is busy at work.

Reporters Christina Sternbenz and Harrison Jacobs sit across the aisle.

They're right near our contributors team. Editor Rylan Miller (front) and Associate Editor Hayley Hudson are responsible for stories we syndicate from hundreds of partners.

Tech News Editor Jay Yarow is a true old-timer: He's worked in five different Business Insider offices over the years.

He sits near fellow vet Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider's Chief Correspondent. Nich's writing a book about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and he was reporting on the west coast when we moved in.

Reporters Dylan Love (front left), Megan Rose Dickey (back left), and Lisa Eadicicco all cover tech. That's Kimchi, their Angry Bird mascot, in the center.

Jenna Goudreau is our Strategy Editor.

Our lifestyle and retail teams are on the other side of the newsroom. On the left are Retail Editor Ashley Lutz (front) and reporter Hayley Peterson. Lifestyle reporter Megan Willett (front) and I are on the right. With our 'popcorn' candy bucket stocked, this place already feels like home.

We sit right near Sports and Education Editor Leah Goldman and sports reporter Tony Manfred. If you can't tell, Tony's a Dodgers fan.

Our video team is growing quickly, and now posts several original videos a day.

On the left are Senior Editor Aly Weisman (back) and Associate Editor Kirsten Acuna, who cover all things entertainment-related. Melissa Stanger (back) and Melia Robinson -- our tireless Lists & Rankings team -- are on the right.

And that's Senior Video Producer Will Wei, busy on a phone call.

Let's make a pit stop in the kitchen.

Of course, there's plenty of coffee.

We celebrated our first day in the new office space with bagels. With 143 employees in New York, they didn't last for long. Business Insider also has an office in San Francisco, and our London outpost will open in the next few months.

Here are the refrigerators, which are kept stocked by our operations team, Sarah Seehafer, Sydney Kramer, and Kim Renfro, who also helped organise our move. Thanks, guys!

The clear drink fridge is a cool new perk.

We've also got a fantastic spigot, which dispenses hot, cold, and carbonated water at the press of a button.

Valerie Reimer, Business Insider's Events Director, seems pretty impressed by it.

Let's keep going. Our human resources team -- Associate Jennie Meltzer (front) and Executive Recruiter Stephanie Fogle -- are on the left. Business Insider's COO and President Julie Hansen is on the back right, smiling at her standing desk.

Finance analyst Yuntian Wu takes a break from balancing the books to grin for our camera.

Jennifer Wu, Business Manager for Business Insider Intelligence, is already settled at her desk. BII is Business Insider's subscription research service, providing in-depth insight, data, and analysis of everything digital.

Our ad operations team was quickly outgrowing its office in our old space and looks happy to spread out under the windows.

That's Beth Frutkin, Director of Ad Traffic. She's got a pretty fantastic toy collection and calendar.

There's plenty of Business Insider schwag around the office.

And nods to some earlier versions of Business Insider. Longtime readers may remember these vikings from our comments section a few years back.

But some things don't change. Our ping pong table is a great place to blow off steam. If you're ever in the office, challenge 7-time Business Insider tournament champ Jay Yarow to a game.

Our sales team is in a separate room near the kitchen. This is sales planner Corey Trippiedi, working on a presentation about Business Insider's mobile presence.

These smiling folks are also on our sales team. On the left are Cindy Pabst and Mike O'Neill, and Danielle Lacombe and David Bluver are on the right.

Here's the BI Studios team, led by Patricia Chui (left). They work with marketers on custom components of their advertising campaigns.

Our tech team is also together in a single large office. This is Andrew Fleming, Business Insider's VP of Product.

Right across from him are Senior Systems Engineer Chris Buckley, shooting a thumbs-up, and Front-End Developer Tyler Greenfield, hard at work.

And that's developer Julie Sommerville-Bhat. Her coding duck is perched on her monitor.

DevOps Engineer Zack Kisling looks totally immersed with his headphones on.

More standing desks! On the left is Jason Merriman, Business Insider's Associate Director of Design and Front-end Development. Ken Streger, who develops Business Insider's mobile apps, is on the right.

Now it's time to check out the coolest part of our new world headquarters... the roof deck!

It's the perfect spot for a lunch break (just ask the video team, who ordered pizza up here on our first day).

And look at those skyline views. Let's hope Senior Tech Editor Steve Kovach will look up from his phone long enough to enjoy them.

Thanks for visiting, and reading!

Now see another cool tech office in New York City.

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