Business Insider Editor Joe Weisenthal Named 'Business Journalist Of The Year'

joe weisenthal, business insider, dngJoe Weisenthal in action.

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I’m pleased and proud to announce that Business Insider Deputy Editor Joe Weisenthal has been named “Business Journalist Of The Year,” by Talking Biz News.Joe joined BI three years ago. From the get-go, we have been blown away by his talent, mastery of the medium, and extraordinary work ethic.

As Deputy Editor, in addition to writing prolifically, Joe oversees our economics, markets, politics, and general business coverage. His newsroom leadership has played a big role in the success of Business Insider as a whole.

It is great to see Joe’s work recognised outside the company. And the honour is especially impressive given some of the other excellent journalists at The New York Times, CNBC, NPR, and elsewhere who were considered for the award.

Please join me in congratulating Joe and thanking Talking Biz News.

And, on behalf of all of us, let me also take this opportunity to thank all of you, our readers and community, for an amazing 2011. We wish you all the best for 2012!

Here’s an excerpt of the write-up at Talking Biz News:

[Joe Weisenthal’s] impact has been dramatic for the evolving future of business journalism.

Weisenthal, who represents a new wave of how business journalism is presented, is a multi-platform user who pays close attention to the stock market and the economic data that is impacting its ups and downs. The sheer volume of the news and information he produces each day for his readers is amazing.

He posts on Business Insider at least a dozen times a day, and he is a major user of Twitter using the handle “The Stalwart.” He has more than 14,000 followers on Twitter and has tweeted nearly 50,000 times. Earlier this year, The New York Observer wrote, “Joe’s a one-man news wire who can sell a story like no other. It’s a freak talent and a rare find.”

Joe Weisenthal

Josh Brown, a New York investment banker who writes the Reformed Broker blog, wrote Wednesday that Weisenthal is “the most unlikely blogger to be going toe to toe with Fed watchers, Krugman haters, derivatives experts and currency wonks is doing exactly that.  And there’s no need to search the web when news breaks or data is released — because Joe always has it first, even when the government’s servers have crashed from the traffic. Watching The Stalwart’s evolution this past year has been pretty special.”

He’s also revered by his readers for admitting when he is wrong and for providing news in a way that explains its significance. In July, dozens of them came to his defence when someone posted on Business Insider that he should be fired.

Weisenthal begins each morning between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m., announcing to the world that he’s on the prowl with a tweet that simply states, “What did I miss?” And he typically announces when the major market news of the day has come and gone with a tweet that says, “Day’s over.”

One of his co-workers told Talking Biz News about how excited Weisenthal gets covering news. For example, before economic data comes out he starts drumming on his desk and does this countdown thing (“60 seconds….30 seconds…15 seconds…”) followed by silence while he posts the story and then a delayed sound effect such as “KaBoom!”

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