Business Insider Just Launched An Awesome New China Partnership With Tencent -- Here's The Google-Translate Version

Business Insider just launched a cool new content partnership with China Internet behemoth Tencent.

Tencent is the company behind QQ, WeChat, and other mind-bogglingly huge apps and sites.

Basically, Tencent will become our exclusive partner in China.

Here’s the announcement.

By the way, in case you’re curious about the state of instant Mandarin-English web translation these days, here’s the Google-Translate version of Tencent’s announcement of the partnership:

Tencent reached with the U.S. Business Insider exclusive content co-

Artesyn Technologies
[ microblogging ]

at 13:08 on February 17, 2014

[ REVIEW ] After the two sides to cooperate, other media in China (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) will not be translated disseminate any content Business Insider website.

Tencent reached with the U.S. Business Insider exclusive content co-

Business Insider Chinese version of the page (Artesyn Technologies screenshot)

IDG Feb. 17 news, Tencent Finance with leading U.S. technology website Business Insider recently signed a cooperation agreement to become the exclusive Greater China Business Insider content partners, exclusive content to enjoy the Chinese version of its copyright.

After the two sides to cooperate, quality content Business Insider will by Tencentthree-dimensional media platform, it is recommended to give more attention to global Financial Technology News domestic readers.

As a leading U.S. financial technology news site, Business Insider to provide popular news stories and edgy sharp comments and critically acclaimed. Founded in 2007, this site different from traditional media news presentation, quickly gained recognition readers.Business Insider let the news become “illustrated”, and through a comprehensive optimization of headlines and content, the mass of information on the Internet, quickly grab the reader’s eye.

Business Insider’s investors include Amazon’s Jeff Bezos head of the company (Jeff Bezos) and other celebrities. Third-party websites Alexa traffic statistics data show, Business Insider worldwide traffic has exceeded the Financial Times and Bloomberg and other well-known media sites.

Tencent is the largest contemporary Chinese views of Chinese portal dedicated in the new media era provide valuable news content to readers. In today’s rapid development of mobile Internet, Tencent will press through a variety of channels of high-quality websites, news client, IM platforms, social platforms, personalised push to the hundreds of millions of users and readers.

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