Business Insider Australia Has A New Look And It Works Great On Your Mobile

You’ll have noticed we have a new look. The updated design rolled out over the weekend.

The most important feature to know about is that it works great on mobile. It’s a responsive design, to use a buzzword, but what that means is the site adapts to whatever device you’re using to look at it.

It’s big step forward for Business Insider in Australia, and the design is intended to make the most of current smartphone and tablet technology.

Mobile sites have typically been stripped-down versions of the website over the years, to save on data and download time. But with today’s faster connection speeds combined with larger screens on mobile devices, there’s less need for the old compromises of stripping out videos, photos and even some of the stories.

You get everything on the mobile site that’s on the desktop and there’s a two-column display on tablets when reading in portrait view – turn it on the side, and it snaps out to the full site.

There are also more stories on the home page, and some new modules that show what Business Insider content is being shared across LinkedIn and Facebook. The Trending column shows you what people are reading on the site right now.

All of this combines to give you a more complete picture of what other readers are engaging with on the site.

You should also find a smoother login system (click in the top right of the home page, or tap on the menu icon on the mobile) and some bugginess in the comments system has been ironed out – so we’re looking forward to the discussion on the stories of the day in the comment threads.

We’re excited to be rolling this out as we continue to grow the audience for Business Insider here in Australia. A special thanks is due to Ben White and the technology team at Allure Media.

The editorial team has been growing too with some recent hires including Chris Pash as Business Editor and Peter Farquhar as news editor. There will be more news on that front soon.

In the meantime enjoy the new site. Let us know what you think in the comments or ping me on Twitter: @Colgo.

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