Business Insider US Is Now Bigger Than The Wall Street Journal!

Business insider, bi, dngDaniel Goodman / Business InsiderSome of Business Insider’s awesome editorial team.

A couple of years ago, I revealed some internal information about Business Insider. Then, last year, I did it again.

Both times, I said that, if nothing horrible happened, I might continue to do it.

Well, nothing horrible happened!

(At least nothing I’m aware of.)

Earlier this month, the folks at DLD were kind enough to ask me to give a presentation on digital storytelling. In my deck, I included some secret BI information. On the theory that you, our readers, might also be interested, I’ve published the presentation below.

There are a lot of slides, but few words, so it should be an easy flip-through.

Here are some highlights:

  • — Business Insider is now larger than the Wall Street Journal. According to Comscore, our total U.S. readership last month, desktop and mobile, was 23 million people. The Journal’s was about 20 million. Thank you very much for reading us!
  • — We’re reaching the next generation of leaders — the digital generation. By design, we have a younger readership than most legacy business publications. Our average readers are in their mid- to high 30s, as compared to the mid-40s and up.
  • — Our international readership is also growing rapidly, and BI Australia, which launched 9 months ago, is already the No. 1 business site in the country. Globally, we are now read by more than 40 million unique visitors per month. We are fortunate to already have a boatload of enthusiastic readers in Europe, and we will be opening a newsroom in London later this year.
  • — Our readers love both our narrative journalism and our visual and data journalism — photography, video, and data analysis. Digital is a visual medium, and great pictures really can be worth a thousand words. We have always invested heavily in photography. Now, after a couple of years of experimenting, we’re investing heavily in “native” digital video production. Our investment in longer narrative journalism is also striking a chord. In the past year, we have published many major investigations and features that read and shared by millions of readers worldwide.
  • — Our subscription service is growing rapidly, and subscriptions are on their way to becoming another major revenue stream. We are very optimistic about the future of free ad-supported journalism: Our core business grew 80% last year, and we were profitable in the fourth quarter. Adding subscription revenue will allow us to provide even deeper reporting and analysis in some of our core coverage areas, and we’re going to invest heavily in subscriptions going forward.
  • — Digital journalism is as different from print and TV journalism as print and TV are from each other. The key differences are in editorial approach, distribution, and economics. One big reason for our success is that we are enthusiastically embracing the ways that digital is different, instead of trying to jam square pegs in round holes. The key to success in digital, by the way, is producing great stories. There are no tricks or shortcuts. If you don’t have great stories that readers love and share, nothing else matters.
  • — Almost half of our readership is now on mobile, both tablets and smartphones. We are the largest and fastest-growing mobile business publication in the world. The iPhone is still the dominant mobile device used by our readers, followed by the iPad and Android devices. Mobile has also extended Business Insider’s readership day to “18×7”: Readers who used to just read us in the office on weekdays now read us during their commutes and in bed. And they also read us over the weekend.
  • — Digital news organisations today are like cable news in the 1980s (scrappy upstarts, small teams, big hair). Over the next couple of decades, today’s digital news organisations will just keep getting bigger and better. We now have 70 excellent full-time journalists at BI. Imagine what we’ll be able to do when we have 500!

Thank you again for reading Business Insider and for helping to make our success possible. We listen closely to what you tell us, and we will keep striving to make the site better every day.

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