Business Analysts Are Most Likely To Move On To These 3 Jobs

Everyone has their own unique career path. Some people, like General Motors CEO Mary Barra, spend their entire adult lives working their way up the ladder at one company.

Others, like retail, aviation, and telecom mogul Richard Branson, have frequently moved between different industries.

In order to gain a snapshot of the various twists and turns people’s work lives take, LinkedIn looked at the job progressions made by 94 million of its more than 300 million users.

The Wall Street Journal used the data to create a fun tool that allows you to plug in a job title, like “consultant,” and see the three jobs LinkedIn users were most likely to take next.

We tried it out with the popular “business analyst” role, a gig held by many young people first starting their careers. What the data show is that these professionals most commonly moved into adjacent business-focused jobs.

Here were the three most common next steps for business analysts:

1. Project Manager (13,238 people made this move.) 

2. Consultant (12,884 people made this move.)

3. Salesperson (11,374 people made this move.)

“Salesperson” being on the list was no surprise, as LinkedIn says moving to sales was the most common transition it saw, likely because every field has some sort of sales function. 

LinkedIn also found that, actually, people tend to stay in the same industry throughout their careers.

Though LinkedIn did not publish the exact number of studied users who took jobs unrelated to their previous work experience, the company’s research consultant, Sohan Murthy, told The Wall Street Journal it was less than he had thought it would be.

You can visit The Wall Street Journal to see which job people in your position are most likely to wind up in next, and LinkedIn to see a fun visualisation of its data.

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