Business 2.0’s Death: Don’t Just Blame The Web.


Who’s responsible for the failure of Time Warner’s (TWX) Business 2.0? The Web, of course, which has been pilfering ad dollars from business magazines across the board (magazines in general are actual doing ok). But Time Warner itself should also be indicted, says MediaShift’s Mark Glaser. Glaser says Time Warner’s Time Inc. unit screwed over all of its business titles in the last year with a poorly considered sales reorg in 2006.

The idea was to have a unified group selling all the titles so there would be less overhead costs and a simpler pitch to advertisers from one person instead of four.

But for Business 2.0, the Time Inc. strategy was the kiss of death. The magazine lost its dedicated sales force, and Fortune salespeople were less interested in selling Business 2.0 than Fortune. Worse yet, the people who could have made the new strategy succeed — the magazine publishers atop each publication — were demoted to regional sales staff positions, demoralizing them, according to one former longtime Business 2.0 staffer. MediaShift via lostremote.

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