Read the letter George W. Bush's daughters wrote to Obama's daughters

Former President George W. Bush’s daughters wrote a letter to President Barack Obama’s daughters, offering them advice on life after the White House.

In the letter, which was published by Time, Bush’s daughters Barbara and Jenna congratulated Sasha and Malia Obama on living “through the unbelievable pressure of the White House” and joining the “rarified club of Former First Children.”

“You will be writing the story of your lives, beyond the shadow of your famous parents, yet you will always carry with you the experiences of the past eight years,” the letter read.

The letter goes on to encourage the Obama sisters to enjoy college and cherish the moments in the White House that ultimately shaped their lives.

“Take all that you have seen, the people you have met, the lessons you have learned, and let that help guide you in making positive change,” the Bush sisters wrote.

After their father’s presidency, Jenna Bush became a teacher, writer and later a NBC News correspondent. Barbara Bush became a health care activist.

Malia Obama is set to attend Harvard University this year. Sasha Obama, who, at the start of her father’s presidency, was the youngest child living in the White House since the Kennedy administration, is due to finish high school in Washington D.C.

Read the Bush’s full letter to the Obama’s here.

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