Bush Blames Congress for Gas Prices, Recession

In a live press conference in the Rose Garden, Bush ad libs about the economy (which, as might be expected, is a bad idea). He wants new oil refineries and ANWR drilling. He’s a big believer in nukular power. Most remarks devoted to blaming politicians for not sending him bills he can sign.

Reporters roasting him for saying economy fine even as it tanked.

He will consider a gas tax moratorium.

Why no investment in renewable energy?

He is pro-ethanol, especially cellulosic ethanol–spending lots of money on that. Blames Congress again: not spending enough on here and now. More oil here that isn’t being utilized. Go drill in ANWR. Congress blocking that.


As usual, he is way better razzing reporters than actually answering questions.

On to Iraq: “Tough”. Determined enemy strapping bombs on selves.

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