This livestream lets you watch everything that’s going on at Burning Man from the comfort of your living room


Good morning from Burning Man – it’s 75 degrees and the sun is just beginning to rise over the playa. Rays of light kiss the blue mountaintops of Black Rock City, and Burners are starting to emerge from the golden, dusty haze floating over the desert.

How do I know this, sitting in the fluorescent-lit Business Insider newsroom in Manhattan? I’m watching the Burning Man livestream.

For those of us reluctant to inhale playa dust, stressed out by the Relationship Survival Guide (“Like dogs, some people just don’t belong at Burning Man”), or unable to muster the “radical self-reliance” encouraged to survive nine days in the middle of the desert, the Burning Man website has a live feed of the event.

You can watch the livestream here.

Burning man

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is a nine-day art festival in the middle of the desert in Nevada. The festival has taken place every year since 1986, and includes performances, art installations, music, and partying. The event draws as many as 70,000 people, including celebrities, tech moguls, and everyone in between – attendees are known as Burners.

There’s no money allowed at Burning Man, so attendees are asked to barter or give gifts in exchange for what they need, and because guests are asked to “leave no trace,” everything attendees bring in, they must also bring out.

The name Burning Man is a literal one: On the Saturday evening during the event, there’s a ritual burning of a large, wooden sculpture known as “the Man.”

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