Giant, laser-cut glass orbs will glow at Burning Man this year

HybycozoRenderings of Hybycozo’s new works for Burning Man.

Burning Man — the wild weeklong festival held in Nevada’s Black Rock City desert every year — is known for the spectacular, larger-than-life artwork created by attendees.

For this year’s festival — which begins August 28 — the artist duo known as Hybycozo is creating a set of three glowing balls. From smallest to largest, they will be called “Marvin,” “Starship Bistromath,” and the “Heart of Gold.”

The two California-based artists, industrial designer Sergei Beaulieu and former Google employee Yelena Filipchuk, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project. After less than two weeks, 310 backers had pledged over $33,000 to bring their vision to life.

Check it out.

The team will transport the giant geometric sculptures to the festival in a large van, Filipchuk tells Business Insider.


Here's a model of the largest ball, 'Heart of Gold,' which will stand 20 feet tall. Gold orbs with LEDs will sit in the middle of each ball, emitting light that will be bounced and reflected, Filipchuk says.


Since the spheres will be in the desert, the team will bring external generators to power the LEDs.

The team welded the spheres' frames from steel.

Here's what the 'Starship Bistromath' looked like when it was nearly finished. It weighs over 2,500 pounds.


Hybycozo has displayed sculptures at Burning Man before. These were made solely of steel.


For Burning Man 2015, Hybycozo made a glowing sculpture called 'Deep Thought,' which was 14 feet tall.

The intricate designs were cut using lasers, Filipchuk says.


The team has also made a few pieces for special private events ...


... and for concerts, like this one for electro-acoustic band Beats Antique.

The reflections cast on the ground are unique to each handmade sculpture, Filipchuk says.


The balls at this year's Burning Man are set to be Hybycozo's most spectacular yet.


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