Burglar steals 'cruffin' recipe from San Francisco bakery, leaves cash and iPad behind

Foxcroft & Ginger, Custard & Jam CruffinsFoxcroft & GingerJam and custard ‘cruffins’ from London bakery Foxroft & Ginger.

Cronuts, McGriddles, cruffins, and more: We live in a world where innovative foods have taken on cult-like (and profitable) status.

That may have been going through the mind of a burglar in San Francisco last week, when the only thing he or she took was a recipe for “cruffins,” a baked croissant/muffin hybrid, according to SFGate.

Overnight, the thief stole the cruffin recipe (and more than 200 other recipes) from five binders kept in the bakery’s kitchen.

Left untouched were the items you’d expect a burglar to nab: cash, an iPad, and computers.

The home of the cruffin, Mr Holmes Bakehouse, has been open for three months, but that appears to have been enough time to attract a criminal who was after the secret to their success rather than the short term payoff.

But Ry Stephen, the 28-year-old chef behind the cruffin, told The New York Times that the recipe doesn’t detail his dough-making technique, which involves mixing it, buttering and folding it repeatedly, and then baking over a few days.

The Times added that “Nor does it say that the butter must be imported from Isigny-sur-Mer, France (though this article does).”

In January, Yelp user Devin O. raved that “Cruffins are amazing, brioche is top-notch, the amelie amann is a flaky piece of heaven. Only caveat: GET THERE EARLY! Seriously, they sell out of most stuff by noon. This place is that good.”

The San Francisco Police Department is investigating the case, but the bakery itself was able to poke fun at the strange crime with a Facebook post warning readers to “Beware counterfeit Mr Holmes goods”.

Post by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

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