Here's how American burgers are changing for the better

Americans still love burgers — but what exactly that means is evolving.

The biggest trend in burgers in 2015 was meat on meat, according to ground beef purveyors Schweid & Sons
. The hottest meat for topping burgers: bacon, with 97% of those who added meat choosing this topping.

“The ‘meat on meat’ trend is here to stay. It’s just too good,” Schweid & Sons said in a statement, looking forward to the new year. “Bacon will continue to thrive as the most-used protein to top burgers, but we anticipate we will see a shift to trying a variety of smoked bacons instead.”

In a distant second place after bacon was chilli, at 14%, followed by pulled pork, at 12%.

In keeping with the shift towards heartier burgers, unique new sauces are on the rise to balance out the meaty dish. While it’s unlikely that ketchup and mayonnaise will lose their top two spots anytime soon, more than a quarter of burgers with sauces now feature BBQ sauce. Quirky flavours like bacon jam are also on the rise, with the topping featured on 6% of sauced burgers.

Another way the burger is adjusting to accomodate meatier fillings: sturdier buns. Brioche bun usage doubled that of the traditional, plain white bun in 2015.

Of course, some things are destined to stay the same. American cheese is still the go-to for 75% of burger lovers, beating out Cheddar, Swiss, and Bleu cheese. It may not be fancy, but American cheese captures the perfect, gooey consistency that Americans want to hold their burgers together.

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