Here's How Expensive It's Going To Be For Burger King To Use Cage-Free Eggs

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Photo: By theimpulsivebuy on Flickr

Burger King recently announced that it’s starting an initiative to switch over to cage-free chickens and pigs by 2017.While the move will look good in the eyes of consumers who crave humanely produced food, it’s likely going to drive up costs as it tries to reclaim the #2 fast food spot from Wendy’s.

A 2009 study from food and agriculture consulting firm Agralytica stated that cage-free eggs cost 25 per cent more to produce than their caged counterparts, according to Bret Thorn at Nation’s Restaurant News.

Here’s what a spokesman for United Egg Producers told NRN about retail prices for eggs:

Retail prices for cage-free eggs are more than double the price of conventional eggs. In the past week the U.S. Department of Agriculture pegged conventional eggs at $1.18 per dozen, retail, compared to $3.59 for cage-free eggs and $3.87 for organic eggs, he said.

The other issue is availability. Cage-free isn’t the industry norm for high-volume production, and that’s probably why Burger King has set such a lengthy timeline for the switch.

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