Burger King's gross-looking black burgers are coming to the US

Burger King’s black burgers are coming to the US. 

The burgers, which launched in Japan last year, are rolling out in late October for Halloween, according to a source who works for Burger King.

The sandwiches will feature black buns and a Whopper patty topped with A.1. Steak Sauce, cheese, pickles, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion.

News of the black burger’s US launch was first reported by a Reddit user claiming to have access to Burger King’s internal website.

He posted this photo of the new burger:

Unlike the black burgers released in Japan, the US version doesn’t have black cheese, or squid ink sauce. 

The black cheese made the Japan burger look pretty unappetizing. 

Here’s an ad for the burgers that launched last year.

Known as the Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl, the burgers look pretty gross in reality.

Here are some examples:



To achieve the black colouring, Burger King dyed the buns and cheese with bamboo charcoal and mixed the meat with black pepper.

Reviews of the black burgers are mixed.

“If you can get past the shocking colour, it’s not bad,” writes the Associated Press

Customer Julien Tirode told the AP: “I’m a little disappointed because to me, it has no special taste or anything. Yes, the burger is black, the cheese is black, there’s little black stuff in the meat, but (other than that) that, there’s nothing special to me.” 

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