Burger King Has Been Quietly Testing Out A Whopper Delivery Service In The US

burger king

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Burger King recently revealed to Bloomberg that it has been testing out a delivery service in select locations.A few Burger King locations in Maryland and Northern Virginia have offered the service over the past several months, reports Eater. The chain plans to expand it to 16 stores by January 23rd.

Burger King even has a website up that lets you order online (you can also do it over the phone).

The delivery fee is $2, and the minimum order ranges from $8 to $10. However, you can’t get fountain drinks, milkshakes, coffee or breakfast items, according to Bloomberg.

Will it go national? Burger King hasn’t said anything about that yet. It has probably been so quiet about the testing because the service isn’t perfected yet, and it doesn’t want to get people’s hopes up.

Fast food chains have generally stayed away from delivering food outside of major cities. It’s just not the cultural norm. Delivery is offered in most Asian and Middle Eastern countries because it’s demanded by consumers there.

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