Burger King takes a direct hit at KFC in a new ad that dresses the King up in Colonel Sanders' clothing

Burger KingBurger King’s mascot as the K.F.G. — the King of Flame Grilling.
  • Burger King is directly taking on KFC with its new grilled chicken sandwich.
  • The fast-food chain has a new ad featuring the King dressed in Colonel Sanders-esque clothing as the KFG, or the King of Flame Grilling.
  • Burger King’s new grilled chicken sandwich hits menus Thursday.

Burger King is taking on KFC with a new chicken sandwich and a new costume for the King.

On Thursday, Burger King debuted a commercial in which the Burger King mascot transforms into the KFG, or the King of Flame Grilling. In the ad for its new grilled chicken sandwich, the King dresses up as Colonel Sanders and proclaims the virtues of Burger King’s grilled chicken sandwich.

“When it comes to flame grillin’, a King always outranks a Colonel,” the King says in a voiceover.

Burger King’s new grilled chicken sandwich hits menus on Thursday. The new permanent menu item is made with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, and sweet honey mustard, and it will cost roughly $US4.99.

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Burger King has started getting more aggressive in taking on its fast-food rivals in recent months.

In December, the chain debuted a deal that allowed customers to get Whoppers for $US0.01 if they went near a McDonald’s location. Burger King also rolled out the $US6 King Box in late 2018, just one month after McDonald’s debuted the $US6 Classic Meal Deal.

Here is Burger King’s full KFG ad:

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