Burger King has been tweeting gibberish nonstop for hours

Burger King has been tweeting nonsense for hours. Facebook/Burger King
  • Burger King has been tweeting nonsense posts that seem to be just random assortments of letters and numbers.
  • The bizarre tweets are going viral.
  • Burger King’s representative would not tell us why the chain is tweeting gibberish, but one possible reason is that it debuted a flame-grilled dog treat on Wednesday.

Burger King has been tweeting nonsense, with no signs of stopping.

The burger chain kicked off the gibberish spree at noon EST on Wednesday, tweeting a seemingly random string of letters and numbers.

Burger king tweet

And, the chain’s replies in the hours since haven’t offered much clarity as to what Burger King was trying to say.

Burger King seemed amused by a vaping reference:

And, the social-media person running the account does not seem to be in danger:

Unsurprisingly, other brands were quick to get in on the action.

Hooters tweeted “Heard that” in binary code:

So, what is the reason for the nonsense tweets? Business Insider reached out to Burger King to try and find out, but the chain did not offer any explanation.

Our theory: this is some kind of promotion for the Dogpper, a flame-grilled dog treat that Burger King launched on Wednesday. Perhaps Burger King is trying to pretend that a dog is tweeting?

Or, maybe whoever was running the account wanted to get a bunch of attention by tweeting random letters and numbers. In 2018, both completely illogical options make the equal amount of sense!