Burger King is serving a 'nightmare' burger for Halloween, made with beef, bacon, and melted cheese in a green bun

  • Burger King will serve a special-edition sandwich for Halloween dubbed the “Nightmare King.”
  • The sandwich is made with a green sesame seed bun, along with a beef patty, chicken fillet, cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, and onions.
  • The Nightmare King will be available at select Burger King locations for a limited time beginning October 22.
  • You can also order the burger with free Postmates delivery through November 1.

Known for its unconventional promotions, Burger King is already joining in on the Halloween festivities this month with a new holiday-themed burger.

On October 22, Burger King will release the “Nightmare King,” a $US6.39 burger comprised of a meaty trio of a beef patty, chicken fillet and bacon strips complemented with onions, mayonnaise, and American cheese encased in its signature glazed green sesame bun.

Burger king halloween green buns scaryBurger KingThe Nightmare King gets into the spirit of Halloween.

The sandwich will be available for a limited time at select Burger King locations from October 22. From the same date, you can also order it on Postmates with free delivery through November 1.

Representatives for Burger King did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s request for comment.


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