Burger King is now selling chicken doughnuts

Burger King

Burger King has released a bizarre new menu item called chicken fries rings.

The rings, as the name implies, consist of fried chicken in the shape of a circle.

They have been compared to onion rings, but they look much more like doughnuts in reality.

The snack is an iteration of Burger King’s popular chicken fries, which the company introduced as a permanent menu item last year.

“More and more of our guests are coming in for chicken,” Burger King North America President Alex Macedo said in a release.

Chicken fries rings are available nationwide starting Monday for $2.89 for a six-piece order.

The company also announced Monday that it’s bringing back its $1.49 10-piece nuggets promotion.

Burger King’s chicken fries — or chicken nuggets in the shape of a french fry — have been wildly popular, according to the company.

Restaurant Brands International, the owner of Burger King, saw its profit soar in the third quarter last year and it attributed the growth in part to the chicken fries.

Chicken fries were originally launched in 2005. Despite a cult following, they were discontinued in 2012.

The company said it decided to bring back the fries last year after seeing petitions, tweets, and Facebook pages begging for their return.

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