Burger King Is Now Calling Itself 'Fries King'

If you believe Burger King’s Twitter account, the 60-year-old fast-food giant is changing its name to “Fries King.”

In support of its new crinkle cut “Satisfries,” which contain 30% fewer calories than its regular fries, the chain is launching an all-out “rebrand” on social media, in commercials, and even in stores.

The campaign seeks to shift consumers’ focus from the Whopper hamburger that has for years been the company’s calling card.

Here’s how Burger King announced its “name change” on Twitter:

The company also tweeted a video spot in which it refers to itself by the Fries King moniker (“formerly known as Burger King”), and has even gone to the trouble of replacing the signage and packaging at one of its locations with the new Fries King logo.

Notably, the brand has not given up its @BurgerKing handle, and its Facebook name remains Burger King.

Here’s what the Fries King “rebranding” looks like, via Burger King’s Facebook page:

The Burger King sign on the restaurant’s exterior has been replaced with one for Fries King, but it’s still the “Home of the Whopper.”

The logo is also on cups.

And t-shirts.

And of course, on Fries King’s french fries.

Burger King’s agency of record is Mother New York.

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