I tried Burger King’s 2 new gourmet burgers while blindfolded. They tasted good but I couldn’t believe they cost $12 each.

Burger King burger
Testing Burger King’s new gourmet burgers. Kate Duffy/Insider
  • Burger King just launched two burgers for its Gourmet Kings range in the UK.
  • I went to a “dine in the dark” event to taste them blindfolded.
  • When I removed my blindfold I was surprised to discover they were Burger King’s priciest burgers.

I got the chance to try Burger King’s new gourmet burgers, which have just launched in the UK.
Eating a Burger King burger
After putting on a blindfold, a waitress led me to a pitch-black room and seated me at a long table with a glass of champagne.
Burger King burger with champagne
I had no idea there were burgers, chicken fries, vegetables, and plants in front of me.
Burger King burgers amongst vegetable
A ‘dine in the dark’ experience with Burger King. Kate Duffy/Insider
The waitress then placed two burgers in front of me. I didn’t know what sort of burgers they were.
Burger King burger
The smell of BBQ sauce was the first thing that hit me – this was from the Steakhouse burger.
Insider reporter holding up Burger King burger
The new Steakhouse burger is topped with bacon, oak smoked cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, arugula, mayo, and BBQ sauce, all in a brioche bun.
Burger King burger
‘s Steakhouse burger. Burger King
It tasted good but the sloppy toppings made it difficult to hold the burger together, especially while wearing a blindfold.
Insider reporter eating Burger King burger
Next I tasted the new Argentinian burger, also in a brioche bun. It came with onions, arugula, oak smoked cheddar cheese, Chimichurri mayo, and chilli sauce – which gave it a kick.
Burger King burger
‘s Argentinian burger. Burger King
This burger was the best of the two. The Chimichurri mayo, chilli sauce, and tomatoes gave it lots of flavor.
Burger King burger
When I took the blindfold off, I was surprised to find out that the burgers cost £8.79 ($US12 ($AU16)) each. These are Burger King’s most expensive burgers in the UK.
Burger King burger
The gourmet Steakhouse burger tasted very similar to Burger King’s standard Steakhouse burger, which costs £5.99 ($US8.17 ($AU11)).
Burger King burger
For $US12 ($AU16), I would have expected the burgers to have more toppings, especially the Argentinian.
Burger King burgers
The setting made the burgers seem more upmarket. In reality, obviously, I’d be sitting in a Burger King restaurant or I’d have grabbed a takeout.
Burger King burger boxes
The new gourmet burgers are only in the UK right now but they could be released in the US soon, Burger King said. They’ve been in the making for more than a year.
Burger King burger
Testing Burger King’s new gourmet burgers. Kate Duffy/Insider
Overall, Burger King’s new gourmet burgers are tasty – but I’m surprised they’re the company’s priciest burgers.
Burger King burger boxes